Tratamientos naturales

Our Natural Treatments:


Therapeutic and Ayurvedic

Treatments for energy balance

Facial treatments

  • Skin analysis
  • Deep cleaning
  • Facelift (Kobido) 60min
  • Relaxing Facial
  • Firming Facial
  • Vitaminic
  • Acne
  • Antiaging
  • Nutritious
  • Hand and Foot 

Hand and Foot Treatments

  • Cleaning and Hydration
  • Cleaning, Piling and Hydration
  • Cleaning and Glazing
  • Delux treatment, complete with therapeutic herbal massage.

Sports treatments

Sports Massage & treatments

Postural Hygiene (For muscle aches) 30min.
Yin Yoga (stretching and relaxation) 60min.
Postural yoga and corrections 60min.
Therapeutic yoga 60min.

Sports chiromassage

  • Pre-competitive massage or warm-up
  • Post-competitive massage or recovery
  • Maintenance or discharge massage
  • Stretching techniques
  • Neurotaping (neuromuscular bandage)
  • Cranial and visceral osteopathy
  • Structural osteopathy

Apuncture Tung Method